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the perfect is the enemy of the good

the oak and linden of the fable

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3-inch heels, ariadne/arthur, batman begins, batman/wonder woman, big bags, bill smith/lydia chin, blackadder, blue pens, chiwetel ejiofor's lola, christian bale, christopher nolan's batman, coke light, coupling, dean winchester, dean/bela, dennis lehane, eddie izzard, erotica, europe, films without renée zellweger, haiku, hardboiled crime fiction, harry potter, harry/hermione, i wanna be evil, inception, infernal affairs, jack sparrow, jan burke, jennifer crusie, jensen ackles, jensen ackles perfection attack!, johnny depp, kate flora, kinky boots, lavender, lunches at tea, muse, nutella/peanut butter/toasted bread, percy jackson, percy/annabeth, pinky/elvira/the brain, poa movie, rain, rain/an off day/bed, s j rozan, shea body butter, shoes, strictly ballroom, sunglasses, supernatural, the dark knight, tony hill/carol jordan, tony leung, u2, unforced history lesson(s), val mcdermid, wire in the blood
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